Thursday, September 23, 2010


The farm market in our town has several sellers that have become favorites. One particular favorite, Rose Mary's Garden sells a variety of flowers and seasonal produce. Each item is displayed to tempt. The lavender is my favorite. I bought a small fragrant bag of leaves and buds and bouquet for drying.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pure Michigan

Recently I stopped into our local bookstore for a good relaxing browse. I found the Pure Michigan Spring 2009 Photography book. One of the features photographers is Stacy Niedzwiecki I met Stacy on Flickr, she has been one of my contacts since 2008. I love keeping up with what she is photographing. Every year she puts out a great wall or desk calendar. In the book, her area was Muskegon/White Lake. This was where we spent many summers when we first got into boating. Each time I check in on her photo collection I get to revisit places in the state that are so special to me.

To order a signed Pure Michigan book visit  Stacy's website. Her fabulous calendars will be out in October.

The compiled book is a wonderful visual trip around Michigan. The winner focused on Flint and Genesee County where I grew up. From there it is a trip to other places I have traveled to for vacations and work. Check it out for a celebration of what is Pure Michigan.

Spring 2009 Pro Photographers

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Illustration Friday--Dessert

The word dessert conjures all sorts of images of frothy frilly decorated creations of tasty sweetness. This summer those visions have been replaced with a simpler more elementally satisfying dessert. The combination of heat and rain in just the right proportions have created a summer fruit feast. Peaches have been perfect, pears are just coming in, and early apples are looking good. The blueberries have been fantastic. Strawberries were spectacular. Looking forward to autumn raspberries.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Foxtail Evening

A week or so ago I was driving west at that perfect time of day when the sun just slants across the landscape intensifying the color of everything. At one spot I passed a field with little pine trees in tall grass, the kind we called foxtails as children. The light made the field glow a stunning red strongly contrasting against the little trees.