Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fabulous Fabric -- Baby Quilt Done and Delivered--Now What?

The baby quilt is done and delivered and hopefully in use. My cousin's son and wife just celebrated the arrival of their first child, a delightful baby girl. My daughter picked out all the lovely fabrics for the quilt. It was so much fun sewing with such vibrant and sunny colors. The animal print fabric is by David Walker for Free Spirit Fabrics, a sister company to Westminster Fabrics. The pattern is called Oh Boy. I have some fabric left over and have been thinking about what to make next. Etsy just did a post about the Pillow Case Challenge, so that is an option. I thought of making aprons. All the bright colors would be so cheerful for cooking in the Kitchen. The animal print by Davis Walker would make a great  appliqued soft baby book of animals and alphabet letters. What do you think would be a good next project?

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