Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31

Today right on schedule the garden is now officially planted. Along the left edge and the back are onion starts. Just in from the edge on the left are five northern red potato plants. All up and doing well. In the back just in from to potato plants is a single globe basil plant. To the right in two short rows are four peppers, two green and two yellow. Next is a tomato and down the right side are the rest of the tomatoes. This year I'm trying out two each of Beefsteak, Roma and Brandywine. In the middle area are cucumbers, a group of small pickling variety and the regular long type. Moving closer to the front are two rows of pole beans then a row of Italian bush beans. Along the far right edge is a row of the French Breakfast Radishes. Closer to the front are two rows of Swiss Chard. Between the chard and the potatoes is a group of zucchini. Then finally along the front is a row of carrots. Now that it is all named it seems like a real muddled mix. Time will tell if it all works. The anticipation is always part of the process.

Next week on Saturday we plant the large fields that will supply food for families in our community.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lettuce Bouquet

Lettuce from the Earthbox on the deck. This is the fourth harvest and it made two meals for us. Such a treat.

May 15

We met at the community garden Saturday to officially kick off the gardening season. Some members had already gotten early plantings of cool weather vegetables in. This year my goal was to get the plot planted before July. All the soil amendments worked in last fall were well incorporated. A little quick hoeing and the weeds were gone. On the left are five northern red potatoes nestled in the ground. I'm hoping for a return of forty potatoes, more if we manage to give the potato box method of growing a try. Memorial Weekend is the traditional time for our area to plant out with out concern of frost.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Illustration Friday--Cocoon

The prompt for this week had so many possibilities. What appeared in my sketch book was this mosquito view of camping in a small pup tent many years ago. Each person was cocooned in a puffy sleeping bag of rustling poly fabric. The stuff was so slippery it was difficult to stay on the sleep pad. The colors clashed so much then. The practical side was the find-ability of these colors. They truly were unnatural colors.