Sunday, December 2, 2007

Holiday Preparations

With the holidays approaching I felt motivated to begin decorating. This year I am particularly interested in reviving holiday traditions. Partly because I'm making a cookbook of family holiday cookie recipes and partly as an antidote to the perfect prepackaged holiday. As I was cleaning out the fridge I noticed that we had a few slightly shriveled clementine's. Rather than just pitch them I remembered that whole cloves could be stuck into oranges to make a pomander, a scented, fragrant decorative globe. Luckily there was a small container of whole cloves back in the spice cupboard. A small nail helped pierce the skin of the clementine, making it easier to gently push in the clove. As you can see I opted for the all-over coverage method. There are many variations that have more involved preparation. Keep it simple, use what you have is a good starting point.

This is the finished pomander, I had a bit of red ribbon, found a decorative plate in the china cupboard and snipped a few greens from several plants in the yard. I am starting a lemon next and then a grapefruit for size and shape variation.

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